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Vocational Case Management

ReviewWorks has found that expert Vocational services and planning provide the necessary impetus to return an injured individual to gainful employment within their transferable skills and abilities.

Vocational Assessment and Planning

ReviewWorks Vocational Consultants are professionals with degrees in Counseling and Rehabilitation, which enables them to provide appropriate vocational services in most jurisdictions. Consultants work collaboratively with the injured claimant to identify appropriate job and/or training goals and develop realistic individualized Rehabilitation Plans.
In addition to the vast resources available to us via technology, we utilize local resources in the injured worker's geographic area to deliver services and facilitate placement. Our reports are concise and document ReviewWorks’ proactive, efficient and cost effective method of service delivery.

Labor Market Assessment

Our Labor Market Assessments are noted examples of ReviewWorks proven capabilities in the delivery of quality service to the casualty and legal community. ReviewWorks has combined the knowledge and experience of our Vocational Experts and exclusive evaluation process to develop a unique product to address your Disability and Labor Market Assessment needs. ReviewWorks Labor Market Assessments identify employment options within a geographic region that are compatible with a worker’s qualifications and physical abilities.

Job Site Analysis

ReviewWorks experienced Vocational Consultants visit your workplace and examine the essential functions of jobs through visual and technological observation. Upon completion of the written and videotaped analyses, a physician reviews the formal job description and Job Analysis to determine whether the position is compatible with an injured worker's physical capabilities.